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Self-Charging Hybrid Car Ownership Sees Significant Growth In Rural Ireland As Well As Cities


Self-charging hybrid ownership has increased by an impressive 56% across the county Limerick

New self-charging hybrid ownership has increased by an impressive 56% compared to the same timeframe last year, according to the latest SIMI figures as of August 31st, 2021. Toyota, the dominant brand in the hybrid space and overall market leader in passenger vehicle sales in general, was responsible for 71% of the entire self-charging category sales.

Move towards Electrification

Toyota has been at the forefront of the move towards electrification having invested in hybrid technology more than twenty years ago.


Today that investment showcases Toyota’s foresight in knowing what customers want.

Now Toyota is Ireland’s best-selling car brand where 92% of its car sales are self-charging hybrids.

Since the launch of the first hybrid Toyota has made significant technological advancements to the point where their latest self-charging hybrid cars now drive in zero-emissions mode 62% of the time on average*, and up to 80% in urban areas.**

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