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Crash Repair Centre

Unfortunately, accidents happen.

At Brian Geary Toyota we understand the problems an accident can bring and are ready to help you get the best quality repairs with the minimum of fuss.  Our Crash Repairs Centre services all makes and models and is the only Authorised Toyota Crash Repairs Centre in the Limerick area. We handle all bodywork jobs from the smallest scratch or dent to major damage caused by a collision. We have a state-of-the-art spray booth which is fully compliant with all regulations regarding spray painting of vehicles. All paint used is water based and meets all environmental standards. We operate closely with insurance companies to ensure that we return your vehicle to a like-new state as quickly as possible.

Generally, insurance companies direct policyholders to their 'approved' repairers. As well as keeping costs down, they can also dictate the level of service and repair quality you receive. This can result in non-genuine parts being used without the repairer informing you. As well as the risk of invalidating your manufacturer's warranty, these parts may also be fitted without the same care and attention you would receive from a Toyota approved repairer.

Remember you are free to have your car repaired at the garage of your choice regardless of what your Insurance company may advise. Your insurer is obliged to cover all reasonable repair costs. For advice on all insurance and repair estimates contact James Feane at (069) 64300 or email  James has over 30 years experience in this area and can advise you at every step of dealing with your insuarnce company including: providing estimates, providing independent pre & post-accident valuations, dealing with assessors and your insurance company.  We provide a 24-Hr emergency recovery service and a courtesy car where required.

Our 24-Hr emergency recovery number during office hours Mon to Sat (9am - 6.00pm) is (069) 64300 or (087) 2588344 after office hours.

What To Do In the Event of an Accident

We advise that you print out the following Accident Guide and place it in your glove box to have on hand should you be involved in an accident.

  1. Turn off the ignitions of all vehicles as a fire precaution. If there is a fire call the Fire Brigade and Gardai on (999).
  2. Check that you, your passengers and those in other accident vehicles are not injured. If there are injuries call an Ambulance (999)
  3. Call the Gardai except in cases of very minor damages.
  4. Aactivate warning lights (if workable) and wait in a safe place off the roadway until Gardai arrive.
  5. Exchange contact details with all involved, including witnesses.
  6. Write down Insurance details (Name & Policy No) from the windscreen insurance disc of the other vehicle(s).
  7. Photographs are very important. If you have no camera or mobile phone camera ask your passengers or witnesses for one.
  8. Write down the sequence of events leading up to the accident as soon as possible.
  9. Generally the conditions in your insurance policy say that you must not admit liability.  Therefore, do not accept or sign any admission of liability.  Instead, call  your insurance company immediately.
  10. If your car needs to be towed away from the scene you should call our 24-Hr emergency recovery number (069) 64300 during office hours Mon to Sat (9am - 6.00pm) or (087) 2588344 after office hours.
  11. We can also provide you with a courtesy car where required.
  12. In all cases we recommend that you contact James Feane at (069) 64300 or email for advice on insurance claims and repair estimates.

Our Crash Repair Centre is located in our Rathkeale branch and is open Tuesday to Saturday,(Tue to Fri 9am - 5.30pm, Sat 9am - 4.30pm). For advice on all insurance and repair estimates contact James Feane at (069) 64300 or email or complete this Enquiry Form.

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