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Learn what Toyota Hybrid is and why it's better!

Better for You, Better for the Environment, Better for Our Future

Fuelled by the latest innovations, technology and our core belief in better, Toyota are the world leaders in hybrid technology. Perfect for city driving and with plenty of power for longer journeys too.

Hybrid FAQ

Hybrid FAQ

  • 1. Do I have to plug the car in to the mains electricity to charge the battery?

No. The hybrid system recharges the battery by recovering energy from the braking system and whilst driving. It is all controlled automatically without any need for input from the driver.

  • 2. Is fuel economy as good as the official figures suggest?

As with conventional vehicles, actual consumption differs depending on the nature of the journey and the driving style. It takes a little practice to get the best from the car, but whilst some have claimed they can't match the official figures, others exceed them.

  • 3. Will the vehicle run with no petrol in the tank?

Only for a short distance, in an emergency. Like a conventional car, it cannot be run without fuel.

  • 4. What happens if the battery goes flat?

The on-board computer makes sure the hybrid/traction battery never discharges completely. There is a conventional battery as well that is treated just like the battery in a non-hybrid.

  • 5. Can I get an electric shock?

In an accident and under maintenance there is no risk of an electric shock. The battery is securely enclosed and if any abnormality is detected the computer will cut off the high voltage and prevent any escaping. There is also a service plug which can be used for manual disconnection.

  • 6. Is there a risk of radiation from the batteries?

No. Our hybrids have World Health Organisation certificates of compliance for non ionizing radiation both inside and outside the vehicle.

Fuel Consumption

Model RAV4 Auris
MPG 56.5 80.7
Powertrain 2.5 Petrol Hybrid 1.8 Petrol Hybrid


Fuel Consumption

Benefits of Hybrid

  1. 40% better fuel efficency
  2. About 30% lower maintenance costs
  3. People who drive Hybrid have been found to be happier
  4. Smooth silent drive
  5. Toyota Hybrids come with 10 year battery warranty (subject to annual servicing).
Benefits of Hybrid

Stunning new design

Toyota Prius

All new Interior


All new Interior

Class Leading Efficency

Model Road Tax
Yaris €170
Auris €180
Prius €170
C-HR €180
Rav4 €200


Class Leading Efficency

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