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Hybrid Information Day

Saturday 20th October 2018
We invite you to our Hybrid information day Saturday 20th October from 9am to 4pm.

What is TOYOTA Hybrid?

The way we drive is changing and you want to make the right choice.


Brian Geary Toyota invite you to their Hybrid Information Day, Saturday 20th October.  Call to their showroom in Raheen, to learn more about Hybrid, meet the Hybrid experts - ask them questions and discover why driving Hybrid is a smarter choice than ever.


Find out why over 50% of Toyota drivers are switching to Hybrid and you can also view and test drive the world’s widest range of Hybrid cars.


The Toyota Hybrid story began in 1997 with the innovator: the Prius. Since then the Hybrid family has grown, and with different models to choose from Toyota now has something for everyone, namely the Yaris, Auris, the new C-HR, Prius, Prius+ (7 seater),Touring Sport and Rav4.

What is TOYOTA Hybrid?

Why you should choose Toyota Hybrid over fully Electric Vehicles?

EV’s are:

  • Fully dependent on charge
  • Limited by range anxiety to urban driving
  • Inconvenient to charge (not possible in some areas)
  • Expensive without incentives


That is why there are over 11 million Toyota Hybrid drivers worldwide and this year 49% of Toyotas registered in Ireland are Hybrid. Find out why when you visit Brian Geary Toyota, during their Hybrid Information Week.

Why you should choose Toyota Hybrid over fully Electric Vehicles?

Toyota Hybrids benefits –

  • Better for the environment
  • A smoother happier drive
  • Low Running Costs
  • Future proof with excellent resale value
  • 10 year battery warranty available


And most importantly you DON’T have to plug them in as they are SELF-CHARGING!!!

Toyota Hybrids benefits –

Toyota Motor Europe sales electrified by hybrids

  • 55% of Toyota Motor Europe’s customers chose a hybrid powertrain in Quarter 1 of 2018
  • Hybrid sales are gaining pace: year-to-date hybrid sales have increased by 18% versus the same period last year – on pace for another record year of hybrid sales.
  • Sales of Hybrid in Ireland is now at 49% of Passenger Car Sales. This represents a 74% increase on last year when Hybrid sales were at 26%.
Toyota Motor Europe sales electrified by hybrids

Why switch to Toyota Hybrid –

From 2008 Irish Government wrongly incentivised Diesel. They focussed purely on CO2 and forgot about other emissions such as NOx and Diesel Particulate Matter. These seriously affect air-quality.

The same mistake was made across Europe and now moves are being made to correct it with Diesel bans in European cities etc.

Changes will happen in the various taxes and the price of petrol v diesel.

We have seen Diesel sales slide sharply in Ireland and across Europe and this will continue.


As sure as pure EV will not suit the vast majority of drivers, Toyota Hybrid will suit you as they are self-charging and you can refuel at the petrol pumps like you always did.

For more information on the above and to show you Toyota Hybrid is the future, get yourself to the Brian Geary Toyota, Raheen.

During the Hybrid Information Day you meet the mechanics and the experienced sales team with lots of information on the way motoring is changing. Let them inform you and you decide, now or in the future.

With all these questions answered – all that’s left to do is test drive a Toyota Hybrid during the Hybrid Information Day – Brian Geary Toyota, Raheen 061-225225

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